Alpaca & Prosecco Trek Experience
Alpaca & Prosecco Trek Experience

About Us

For us, alpacas are not simply our job, they are our passion.

Based in Wicklow, we are on an Alpaca journey. We are a full time alpaca enterprise. We rely on the alpacas, and they rely on us. We have researched the market thoroughly and have identified over 50 income streams from alpacas. We are happy to share our experience with anyone else starting out.
Our business consists of 4 main value streams from alpacas:

  1. Our all things alpaca farm shop,
  2. agri-tourism, therapy and promotional work,
  3. Breeding, agisting and stud services,
  4. Self Catering Accommodation.

Agri-tourism is especially important for us and the country as a whole. We feel that alpacas are a major attraction to both the local community and incoming tourists. Alpacas are a truly unique, fun and memorable experience.