Alpaca Halter


Genuine hand crafted Alpaca Halters made from the finest grade natural premium vegetable tanned leather. With solid brass fittings which are made to last. Our prestigious halters are produced by skilled craftsmen using an ancient tanning process.

Vegetable tanned leather is the top of the range of leathers. We use only natural tannins which have no negative environmental impact. Due to the careful tanning process and the natural tannins, vegetable tanned leather develops a rich and beautiful patina, which actually gets better with time and use. It doesn’t crack or dry out and thus has a very long lifespan. It has an earthy and natural tone and smell. Vegetable tanned leather is initially a bit stiff and has to be ‘broken in’ to become fully flexible and functional. The brass fittings do not rust or corrode whatever the treatment or conditions.

Natural Leather is kinder on your Alpaca, it will not wear the hair on the animal’s nose as much as artificial fibres and it will soften with use and mould to fit your alpacas shape.

If the look and feel of the halter is important, then leather is certainly the way to go. A leather harness can take a lot of abuse; it can be dragged about, soaked in the rain & mud. In fact, over time a leather harness begins to look better with repeated use and cleaning and polishing.


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Black, Blue, Green, Red, Burgundy, Yellow, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Violet