Alpaca & Prosecco Trek Experience
Alpaca & Prosecco Trek Experience

Our Business

K2Alpacas are on an Alpaca journey and are enjoying every step of the way. The owner, Alpaca Joe, researched the market thoroughly and is happy to share his experience with anyone else starting out.

K2Alpacas business comprises of 4 streams: agri-tourism, breeding, alpaca fibre/ farm shop and accommodation.
Agri-tourism is especially important for us and the country. It is a major new attraction for both local and overseas traveller. Our Alpaca & Prosecco Trek Experience is a truly unique, fun and memorable experience.

Our alpaca’s welfare is first and foremost and once they are happy everything else works. We are open all year-round weather permitting.

Alpacas are a sustainable and environmentally friendly enterprise. Alpaca is naturally superior in so many ways. Here in K2Alpacas we pride ourselves with leading by example. We are always looking for ways to innovate and collaborate on the use of Alpaca(s)