Alpaca & Prosecco Trek Experience
Alpaca & Prosecco Trek Experience

What is the difference between an Alpaca & a Llama?

Alpacas and Llamas are related but they have evolved in different ways. They are part of the camel family, Camelidae. Alpacas and llamas are two of the four lamoid species – the other two vicuña and guanaco.
Alpacas are smaller standing 4ft at the head and much cuter; in their native South America they are bred for their fibre (wool) and for meat. They have a much better temperament than their bigger relatives. Alpaca Poo is prized as an superior fertiliser.
They weight no more than 95Kg and have .small, blunt faces with cute pointed shaped ears.

Llama’s are much bigger than their alpaca cousins. They are bred primarily as pack animals. They have coarser fibre. They are much bigger than alpacas weighing in at up to 250kg. They are much taller standing 6 t o7 ft at the head and have more-elongated faces with funny banana shaped ears.
Llama’s give the alpacas the bad rep of spitting as they are more crankier than alpacas.
Camels are another level up of crankiness.
Llamas have two coats of fibre an outer longer coarser coat and an inner finer coat.